And NOW I See…

In the eight and a half years since we first learned the truth about the name about the Father YAHUAH and His Son YAHUSHA, I have only twice felt a level of sadness regarding the people who say they follow truth.

The first was after a miscarriage, someone said that we Should just Be Happy with the three children we had at the time and Not Worry about the Miscarriage. I have already written about that time in a previous post please see here “Miscarriage Part 2“.

My personality will usually think the best of others as much or as long as possible.  When people take a long time to respond to an email, I brush it off as if they are just busy – yet I usually will stop and respond in a timely manner when emails are sent to me.  This is especially true when people send me emails about problems they are having, I usually will stop what I am doing (sometimes staying up late) to respond via email or call and when I say I will pray for people, I do.  If I do not understand an issue I will research it before responding, so that I can try to better understand what might be going on. When we watch the weather and I see that bad weather might be going towards a fellow believers area, I will email or call to check on them.

I care for people.  But now I see, people, those who say they believe in YAHUAH do not care for me.

Over the last few months, we have openly posted videos about a very personal problem.  One that I would have personally preferred to keep private.  But Knowledge is Power and other women could be experiencing the same problem so we opened up and shared our journey to correcting the wrong that was done.

One person sent an email, saying they understood the problem and they went through something similar, after the first update we did.

One other person, who is very busy, after watching update #2, sent an email saying that their family would be praying for us.

For those two people, I am thankful.

However, as time grew closer, I thought that others would have said something, but nothing.  There were no phone calls (from those who have the phone number) to say anything.  Once we returned home on the fourth day of the week, there was not one message, not one single email.

The reality hit me like a ton of bricks.

I could have died and no one would have cared from my family!!!!  No one even cared enough to send a simple email. Nothing at all.

For several days now, I have walked around feeling depressed because I thought, we as a family, our family mattered to others.  I thought despite very few responses early on that people would want to know how things went.

Nope. Nothing.

I have asked YAHUAH what have we done or if something is wrong with us.  But when I think about the last 8 years of our life, this is the same problem and is the same no matter what the issue is (weather, surgery, new baby, homeschooling).  When we had tornadoes a few months ago, did anyone bother to check on us? Nope.  As a matter of fact, no one ever has.

I have said all along that people care more about keeping every command (according to their view-point) and using the correct Hebrew words (which keeps changing every time we turn around) then they do for others.  This So-Called Perception that there is a Faith Based Family in YAHUAH/YAHUSHA in Yisra’el/Yashra’al, has become nothing more than just a bunch of noise!  Reality Check, Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Expecting a Different Result!

My normal reaction, is to close off, and stop posting.  Because obviously, No One cares what I have to say anyway, right?  No I am not going to do that.  Instead I am going to expect nothing at all.  I will still care but it will be much different.

So NOW I See, What is Missing.

By the way, I am doing fine.  With the help and under the care of my wonderful Husband I have been able to rest and recover.  Our children have been so helpful.  I am still taking it very easy but soon will be back to up to my normal self.


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YAHUAH YAHUSHA – Tubal Ligation Reversal Update 4 We’re DONE! 11/11/14

Here is our final update on our Tubal Ligation Reversal, i.e. had our Tubes Tied but per YAHUAH’s leading Reversed it because we were created to be fruitful.  Women of YAHUAH if you are considering Tying your Tubes, using any forms of birth control then you should first do some research and or view our original Tubal Ligation Message/Testimony and then view our other 4 updates.  Yes the Scriptures do speak on the subject of birth control…

UPDATE#4 Here is our final Update 4 day of, during and after surgery

Here is our original Testimonial Message which includes Scriptural preaching on the subject of YAHUAH’s take on birth control


Getting My Tubes Reconnected?

Why in the world would any woman want to do that right?  See the answer in this video

Also for health reasons.  I have learned, whenever we stop the body from reproducing as YAHUAH created it to do, woman are putting our bodies into early menopause!!!!!  During the c-section of our fifth child we had my tubes tied (cut, tied & burned).  We had our reasons (as most women), but the fact is those reasons were not good enough at all.  Since his birth, our 2nd son and fifth child, I have had the worst on-going cramps continually that I have ever had.  I also had hot flashes (I am not even 40), increased migraine headaches, my cycles have been waaay off, unexplainable aches and pains and I have a very hard time losing weight (no matter how hard I exercise!). These are all signs of early menopause and results of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS).

Now we did not think that getting my Tubes reconnected could ever be done because at that time before the Doctor did it she sternly warned that it was permanent and non-reversable.  Fast forward, I called the OB who delivered 4 of our 5 children and she said it could not be done, but by doing a quick internet search I found just the opposite.  There are many facilities throughout the US specializing in Tubal Reversal and also offer other services related to un-doing “permanent” birth control.

Around the same time I found this info, I started seeing references to Bio-idential Hormones and found a book by “Buns of Steel” Lady Suzanne Somers called Ageless.  Through reading this book, I have learned that we were created to reproduce and that any form of “birth control” causes us a number of problems.   With the exception on the chapter on Yoga which I skipped, I would give this book away if I could!  I plan to write a post on this later, but right now…back to me.

So about 6 weeks ago we scheduled and paid for the surgery, which will take place on 11/11/2014.  It should last about 1.5 hours and it is an outpatient surgery! The surgery will be done through a small incision from the previous 2 c-sections.

In order to have the surgery, I had to submit my Tubal Ligation (the technical term for tying Tubes) report, my weight, height and overall health history to the office that we chose.  Within a few days of submission, one of the doctors called me back and asked me some questions.  During our conversation he said that with the problems that I was having that it pointed to early menopause!!!!

In order to get the surgery I must have a BMI of 35 and under!  So I have been exercising, eating less, juice fasting, sleeping (read how important sleep is for weight loss in Ageless), drinking water, drinking a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water, lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, for several weeks.  My husband even bought a digital scale which showed that I was 5 lbs over the BMI!  So I had to bust my butt (literally) and it has been very hard to do everything (I have continued to cook for our family but I haven’t been able to eat).  This has been was very hard but it is almost over.  But I have lost 9 lbs and will be well under the BMI goal!

On last Friday and Today (Sunday), I have been preparing several days worth of food for our family which includes: lasagna, macaroni & cheese, 2 roasted chickens, taquitos, refried beans, spaghetti, cut-up veggies, fresh fruit, breads, trail mix, cookies, crackers, applesauce homemade breakfast sausage – all made from scratch and using clean ingredients!

So tomorrow we go to the office for a weigh-in and overall exam.  Then the surgery is on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we have a follow-up appointment and then a few days to recover.

So this surgery will…

  • Correct the wrong that was done through ignorance> Hoshea 4:6
  • Hopefully stop some of the problems associated with getting my Tubes tied (such as increased risk cancer).
  • Allow us to have more children if YAHUAH so chooses to.

So if you are thinking of getting your Tubes tied, please watch the video and learn all that your doctors aren’t telling you.  If you already have your Tubes tied and are having some issues, there is hope, watch the video.  If you already have your Tubes tied and wanted have more children, you can!  Again watch the video-there are links to another lady who already 4 kids, but now has two more after getting her Tube reversal done!  Not only that, she is no longer suffering from the horrible side effects Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS).  We have posted our own personal journey as well as what the scriptures have to say about birth control on our Ministry website.


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