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“So then belief comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Elohim.” Romans 10:17

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Passing It Along: Stop Common Core, The Future of Meat &



Help Defund Common Core Standards

You can make your voice heard to stop defund the Common Core State Standards Initiative by contacting your members of the House and Senate by 5:00 pm on April 3, 2014 where a letter will be sent to Congress to end Federal support which may cause more states to end support as well.

You can do this by visiting HSLDA  and contacting your representatives from there.  HSLDA also just released a movie about the Common Core State Standards which you must see

Please note whether you homeschool or not, the Common Core State Standards Initiative  takes the uniqueness out of learning making all children learn the same things regardless of religious, personal, or educational preferences.

The Future of Raw Meat?

When I read this article, not only was I mad but I became sick to my stomach.   Basically as early as 2015 stores will no longer sell raw meat, only cooked meat because apparently, “we-consumers” don’t know what is good for us and must given meat that is already cooked and maybe already chewed.  Yeap, there are even talks about giving toddlers and elderly “premasticated meat products” – meat that has already been chewed, because they apparently have a big problem choking on regular food.  Nasty! Yuck!

I encourage you to read it for yourself and start making wiser grocery purchases, because whether it is meats, grains, fruits (see this post about strawberries) or vegetables, nearly nothing is they way YAHUAH intended it to be.