Passing It Along: Stop Common Core, The Future of Meat &



Help Defund Common Core Standards

You can make your voice heard to stop defund the Common Core State Standards Initiative by contacting your members of the House and Senate by 5:00 pm on April 3, 2014 where a letter will be sent to Congress to end Federal support which may cause more states to end support as well.

You can do this by visiting HSLDA  and contacting your representatives from there.  HSLDA also just released a movie about the Common Core State Standards which you must see

Please note whether you homeschool or not, the Common Core State Standards Initiative  takes the uniqueness out of learning making all children learn the same things regardless of religious, personal, or educational preferences.

The Future of Raw Meat?

When I read this article, not only was I mad but I became sick to my stomach.   Basically as early as 2015 stores will no longer sell raw meat, only cooked meat because apparently, “we-consumers” don’t know what is good for us and must given meat that is already cooked and maybe already chewed.  Yeap, there are even talks about giving toddlers and elderly “premasticated meat products” – meat that has already been chewed, because they apparently have a big problem choking on regular food.  Nasty! Yuck!

I encourage you to read it for yourself and start making wiser grocery purchases, because whether it is meats, grains, fruits (see this post about strawberries) or vegetables, nearly nothing is they way YAHUAH intended it to be.

Passing it Along…Awesome $1 Deals & More!



Buying healthy food can be very expensive.  Many times we have to place orders via the internet just to get what we need and that usually involves shipping (which I highly dislike).  A about 2 months ago, I discovered iHerb and having been making regular orders ever since.  There are several things I like about iHerb are:

1) No shipping over $20 – which is very easy to do with things like Coconut Oil & Coconut Flakes.

2) Orders are received fast – like 2-3 days (not nearly two weeks like Amazon!)

3) Price – on nearly everything we need, we are savings an average of 10% or more per item than other sites or stores

4) Customer service!  I had a problem, they fixed it within hours!  No haggling.

5) Free products with order!  I just discovered this yesterday but they have products that they offer for free and you can pick on free item per order.  Yesterday our free item was toothpaste!

6)  The variety of products from food to cups..there are options to fit every preferred diet needs.

You can save even more when you place your first order using my referral code: RCF313 if you have never ordered from them beffore; you will save $5-$10 off their first order and  Visit:

*This is my personal post about iHerb.  I was not asked to post by iHerb, I am sharing the info because I know it can be a challenge to buy supplement, food, etc. 

Scholastic Dollar Deals

Scholastic’s Dollar Deals is back!  There are over 20 pages of awesome Dollars Deals!  I will be able to buy the hands on extras for American History, Math & Science for our next school year all for just a $1 each, such as:

Persuasive Writing
Make & Learn Projects: Colonial America Mini Science Journals
Amazing Animal Art Projects
Algebra Made Easy 5
Word Family Bingo Ladders

Hands on History: American Revoloution
Hands-On History: Explorers

Early Themes: Ocean Life: Whales, Fish, and Other Sea Creature

Alphabet File-Folder Word Walls
Read • Draw • Remember American History Activities
Art Activities for little Learners
Super Manipulative Books

These are just a small sample of the books that are available.  A good only lasts so long and this one ends 3/31/2014, so go make your list and get somethings for either homeschool or as supplements for public school today!

Calling All Moms…

When we watched Hiding in Plain Sight, I saw a different side of homelessness.   I saw that many people aren’t  homeless because they choose to but as a result of some situations in life.  Over the last 11 years, my husband and I have went through multiple layoffs and came very close to being homeless.  As a wife and mother of five I can only imagine being homeless, but many mothers are not only homeless but are struggling with depression.

Today I received a newsletter that places a big light on this extremely important problem that needs our help:

“Homeless mothers experience disproportionately high rates of major depressive disorder compared with the general population. Stressed by their circumstances, these women struggle to protect their families. Children living with a depressed parent have poorer medical, mental health, and educational outcomes. Despite the adverse impact on children, depression among mothers experiencing homelessness remains unacknowledged, unrecognized, and untreated.”

From Depression in Homeless Mothers: Addressing an Unrecognized Public Health Issue, an article co-authored by The National Center’s founder Dr. Ellen Bassuk, is featured in the most recent issue of the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry (Volume 81(1), 73-81).  This is part of a newsletter from

Months ago, we searched out and located homeless shelters and found one that wasn’t affiliated with any church organization.  It provides long-term housing solutions and some good opportunities for people to help.  But since we found the information, we haven’t done anything with it.  But we believe that YAHUAH calls us to help others and if we are “walking as YAHUSHA walked” we should be helping others.

So from one Mom to another Mom, I encourage you to find some way to help moms who are homeless.  At the shelter I found, there are days that we can take prepared dishes and share a meal with the residence.  This would be a great time to listen and encourage others.  There are days to help by reading to children and days to help with the upkeep of the property.  The shelter also has a list of things that are needed, which makes giving much easier. 


Please note, I am not overlooking men who are homeless and are struggling with depression.  This blog is focused on helping and encouraging WOMEN!