HoY: 31 Days of Homeschooling for Us – Day 6!

Homeschoolers_of_YAHUAHGood morning and Shalom to all the homeschooling believers in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA!


Day 6 – Getting Back to Normal

We are working on getting back into the swing of things, as the Appointed Times of YAHUAH are over!  While I am greatful to get back to some sort of consistancy, I am a little sad to see them go..

The fall Appointed Times for 2014 all fell on within our school week, so it was bit of a challenge to try to keep a normal school pace, prepare, and rest at the same time.  But I tried somethings different this year. 

I let the kids do Appointed Time related projects for the last four weeks!  I created some simple worksheets for the kids which they enjoyed (I’ll post them next year!)  We made tents out of clay and created a little village from all the tents, paper, leaves from the Dollar Store.  We made Yom Teru’ah & Sukkoth posters and flags, we baked and baked.  We played games.  We laughed,  We read the scriptures.  We colored.  We rested. 

We were able to still have the required 4.5 hours of school but only 3 days a week and my grand school plan was pushed aside.

I enjoyed our kids more during this time than I have in a while.  It was very hard for me not complete my daily check list, but it was also a relief at the same time.

Now we have curriculum that does need to be completed and subjects that must be covered, but some how I am going to find more ways to enjoy homeschooling.

One day while we were out grocery shopping, a woman approached me and asked me if we homeschooled.  I replied yes and she said, “Enjoy it goes so fast and know that if He allowed you to homeschool, you are doing the right thing.”

So, if you are homeschooling, I hope today you will find joy in this wonderful time we have with our kids.  It is a privilege and an honor to be able to see every moment with them first hand.  Praise YAHUAH!


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Power Hour Spotlight: Come Let Us WORSHIP!

Through all of life’s trials, through the valley lows and life’s challenges there is one thing that we must do – WORSHIP!

So Come Let Us WORSHIP Him who created the heavens, the seas, the earth and all that is within them.  Bless His Set-Apart Name – YAHUAH!






Come Let Us Praise YAHUAH!

Come and hear music which gives YAHUAH worship this Sabbath Day, with a collection of Praise Videos (which are freely available on YouTube) which will uplift and bless your being today!




Power Hour Spotlight: Trust YAHUAH, Live for Today

How should you respond when you are continually done wrong?  What are the affects of unforgiveness? What matters to YAHUAH – your past or present?

Here the word of YAHUAH preached today, in Trust YAHUAH, Live for Today.