Homeschoolers of YAHUAH: Becoming A Source of Encouragement

Homeschoolers_of_YAHUAHToday, as usual I sat down and skimmed through our email box.  One particular email was about a group of bloggers who have come together to discuss different homeschooling topics for the 10th month (Oct).  Most of them I am familiar with (and have already read their posts in the past) but a few I was new to so, so I went to their blogs…

I immediately felt discouraged.


Because not one of the bloggers is anyone who believes in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA.

So I called my husband to tell him how discouraged I felt and why can’t people who believe in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA come together and do similar things.

His reply “You are it!”

I know that I am not the only blogger who believes in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA that is homeschooling but I will step up to the plate and become a better resource for encouraging others who homeschool.

So here we go…

Homeschoolers of YAHUAH: 31 days of Homeschooling for US!

Starting tomorrow!


Homeschoolers of YAHUAH: 2014-2015 Curriculum

Okay, so here is our curriculum for this year:

Fifth Grade Curriculum

Mammoth Math 5 (The Light Blue Series) – From Prek – 4th grade we have used Horizons, so I decided to we needed to change.  I have had contact with the creator of Mammoth Math and she was extremely helpful when we were struggling with math.  So far our fifth grader is enjoying it very much.

Grammar & Writing – Lessons put together by me with emphasis on writing

Reading Comprehension – free from

Spelling – free spelling lists & Spelling City

Drawing – Visual Manna’s Drawing which received for FREE (sorry the freebie has expired but please be sure to sign-up for Homeschool Giveaways list so you can get freebies too)

Scripture – The Names, YAHUAH’s Awesome Girls, The Sabbath (written by us)

Typing Tutor – a program we have had for years!

 3rd Grader

Horizons Math 3 ,

Shurley English 2,

Reading Comprehension – free from

Spelling – free spelling lists & Spelling City

Ballet – Notebook put together by me

Scripture – The Names, YAHUAH’s Awesome Girls, The Sabbath (written by us)

Typing Tutor – a program we have had for years!


Horizons Math K

Horizons Phonics K

Kindergarten Health – will be put together soon from free activities I find

Ballet – Notebook, – Notebook put together by me

Typing Tutor – a program we have had for years!


Various sources ThisReading Mama, 1plus1plus1equals1, Homeschool Creations, Confessions of a Homeschooler any free preschool curriculum and activities I can find we will do!

Also in February we will start Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons again for 1st son!

I hope to put together some sensory bins, but for now we have play dough, paint, cutting,

Unit Studies

Bible Basics – We are reading through basic stories in the scriptures.  In addition I am creating YAHUSHA Said: 52 of His Words from MattithYahu which we will use to memorize scripture.  We read and repeat the verse everyday, then on Sabbath I have things for the kids to do regarding the weekly memory verse

Science – Exploring Creation – Flying Creatures the Fifth Day, with time to devote to child led studies, using free notebooking pages.  I usually create notebooking pages, but I haven’t had the time, so we will use free notebooking pages and things that others have created.

History – US History Early – (put together by me) this is literature based study with lots of projects to do!  Eventually I will post our lesson plan.

Artists Study – using An Eye for Art by the National Gallery of Art (from our library),  Wake Up Our Souls: A Celebration of Black American Artists by Tonya Bolden (from our library), plus Mike’s inspiration Station (I received with my order from Hearts at Home Store last school year)

Fitness – Family Time Fitness, Walking, Leslie Sanson Video’s

Music-we hope to be able to get some instruments as the kids show interest in them.  I hope to work in some music studies though.


Our School: Our First Week + A Big Bonus

Homeschoolers_of_YAHUAHOur new school year has started and we have just completed week 1! Praise YAHUAH!

We just finished our 7th year 3 weeks ago and I wanted to take the month of September off but the children kept asking to start the new year, so we did. This year we have a 5th grader, 3rd grader, Kindergartener and two Preschoolers!  We certainly have our hands full of blessings.

During our first week we visited the Georgia Aquarium, enjoyed great devotion time, circle time and continued to organize our school binders.   This school year, I am trying to keep in focus that education is not a race. We don’t have to complete my intended schedule everyday.  As I started to write this post, our fifth grader eagerly asked to work on math, which was 2 hours before our normally scheduled time, but she is taking it upon herself to start on math and is doing well.  This worked well and I may rework our daily schedule because I was able to model the equations out with her, without too much interruption!   This also is giving me some one-on-one time with her, which she needs.

We want the kids to enjoy learning, not be stressed out by it trying to get a check list done. Furthermore, anything can be an educational opportunity. Seeing those opportunities and making time for them, challenges my scheduled-to-do list brain.

As usual, I am reworking our schedule and curriculum because I see the kids need more delight/self-directed learning time. I really need to work on creating sensory bins and hands-on activities for all the kids, especially the boys.

This is our 8th year of homeschooling, it doesn’t look anything like I thought it would, but no school year ever has!

Next: 2014-2015 Curriculum Choices, Our School Day, Homeschool Books I’ve Read, My Most Used Homeschool Sites, Curriculum Reviews and more on Homeschooling!

Bonus: $100 in FREE Curriculum

I love getting free curriculum!   Sign-up for  The Multi-Taskin’ Moms  updates, then create an account at Educents (for free and no payment info required) and receive $100 of FREE CURRICULUM! This helps make homeschooling way more affordable.  Please note this freebie will expire soon!

Power Hour Spotlight: It’s me, It’s Me, It’s ME!

Sometime in our walk with YAHUAH and YAHUSHA, we might feel like something is missing.  I know that I certainly have.  What was missing is good, life changing preaching of YAHUAH’s Word.  The preaching and teaching that comes from YAHUSHA OUR SALVATION is not tainted with asking for donations, pledges or spoken with the intent to mislead others.  I have the awesome privilege of being married to this man preaching the Word of YAHUAH.  I know his life.  I know his short comings.  Above all,  I know his heart, that it is for doing what is right according to YAHUAH and not the world.

In today’s Power Hour Spotlight: “It’s me, It’s Me, It’s ME!” We are encouraged to change our lives and come back home, regardless of what we have done.  YAHUAH still loves us and is patiently waiting for us to surrender to His will.