Homeschool : Supplies – Stock up

Saving on the Basic school Supplies

 MP900386786Now is the time to stock up on the basics needed for school! 

During the school year I might pay $1 or more for glue, $1.99 for a box of crayons, $1.50 for pencils…but right now Elmers Glue is $0.50, Crayola Crayons are $0.50 and pencils $0.50 at Target.  WalMart should be around the same price.

For items like binders, notebooks, maps, back packs, folders, etc. I found that if I wait until the end of Aug to the beginning of Sept.  these items are marked down 20-30%!

You don’t need to spend $100…just $5-20 right now, can save a lot later.  I buy a little bit every few weeks!

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