Yom Teruah 2013 Review

I am finally posting some pictures from our family Yom Teruah Festival for 2013. 

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Food Theme: Family Favorites

Breakfast: Cinnamon Crumb Bars made with homemade caramel sauce, Turkey Maple Sausage, Watermelon Fruit Bowl & Eggs – this was the my first time making a watermelon bowl!  I will do this again for Festival of Weeks next time when the summer fruit is at it’s best!

Lunch: Pretzel Dogs, Lamb Burgers,  Veggie Platter – the Preztel Dogs were off the chain good!

Dinner: Pizza Bar-crusts that our first born daughter made almost by herself!

Drinks:  Hansen’s Sparkling Water mixed with pomegranate Juice & Organic Cane Sugar Syrup.  For the sugar syrup, I put some organic cane sugar & water in a pot and cooked it until the sugar dissolved, stirring frequently.  For the drink mix, I put 1/4 c. syrup, apprx. 1/3 c. sparkling water & a tablespoon or so of juice-per cup.  Then tasted and added what was needed.

Dessert: Smith Island 10 layer Cake - it ended up being 11 layers because I didn’t put enough batter in the first few layers.  I didn’t want to spend 45 minutes making the frosting in the recipe, so we used the recipe off the back of the Heshey’s Cocoa container and thinned it down a bit so that it would able to easily spread over the layers.

I am very happy to say that our first born daughter, who is only 8 years old, has become my PIK – Partner In the Kitchen.  She made the bread for the Lamb Burgers, Pizza Crusts and Frosting almost by herself.  I handed her the recipe and she follows it!  Here she is:


My husband did a message and has a video with more pictures on:



The next Appointed Time is the Day of Atonement!

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