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HoY: 31 Days of Homeschooling for Us – Day 8: Coveting & Contentment

Homeschoolers_of_YAHUAHGood morning and Shalom to all the homeschooling believers in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA!


Day 8 – Coveting & Contentment

About 5 years ago, I began utilizing the computer more for homeschool.  I started signing up to receive updates from various other homeschoolers and everyday there are still great things I discover from others.  But there was also a problem.  Not with the bloggers themselves, but with me.

At certain times of the year, bloggers come together to discuss different areas of homeschooling. From late June to Mid-September, the posts are full of curriculum, schedules, sales and…pictures of new school rooms.

The first two years, when I looked at the pictures in the posts, I began to feel a depression come on me.  Why?  Because I wanted our schoolroom to look like other homeschoolers.  Many homeschoolers work very hard to create schoolrooms full of color, walls of posters, calendars, nice desks, etc.  I wanted that too.

So I would try to see how we could do the same things, only to become more depressed with want I could not do. I stressed my husband with my depression because I could not have what everyone else had.

The third year (of using the internet), YAHUAH showed me that I was coveting and that this year when the pictures of schoolrooms were posted, that I didn’t need to look at them.


So I didn’t.  I deleted emails with subjects titled “Our New School Room” or if I couldn’t tell by the title, sometimes I just deleted them and other times when I was able to see what the post was about, I still deleted them.  I didn’t follow the blog hops either.

This was big stress reliever from me. It was also a blessing.

I started looking at ways I could work with what we have, to inspire learning in our home.  Yes we do have a school/play room.  There are desks, bookcases, a computer, an area for library books, a preschool/craft area and toy storage area.  It doesn’t look like other homeschool rooms.  We don’t need it to be.  Educating our kids doesn’t only happen in our school room.  It happens at the kitchen table (most of the time), in the living room floor, upstairs, outside, at the library, at the playground, at the grocery store, even in doctor’s offices.

I often use diaper boxes, as storage bins.  We move things around and around.  Sometimes I pick up things from the thrift store or on sale at Wal-Mart.  We re-use anything that we can.  Often the kids come up with wonderful uses for any boxes.

I no longer covet other homeschoolers school rooms or anything else.  When the emails come in, sometimes I look at them.  Sometimes I don’t.  When I do, I don’t want what that homeschoolng family has.  I am happy for them.

Great Links of the Day:

Today’s links come from:

The World is Our School Room – I enjoy her posts.  This is one of my favorite, she also blogs about homeschooling a learning disorders.  She has been a big help to me and I will post about learning disorders soon.

Sheppard Software – Free learning games.

Medical Kidnapping? – What we all need to know.

Overcoming ADHD Naturally – Please note this family does not believe in YAHUAH, however their story of how they have worked through ADHD, ADD and other issues using natural methods is awesome.

Salted Peanut Chews – This just gave me an excuse to buy some vegan marshmallows.  I am so making this soon and the Peanut Chewy Payday Bars and this Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie Bars and these Salted Caramel Buttery Crumb Bars and these Caramel Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Gooey Bars!


HoY: 31 Days of Homeschooling for Us – Day 7 & A Free Geography Giveaway!

Homeschoolers_of_YAHUAHGood morning and Shalom to all the homeschooling believers in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA!


Day 7 – I want to homeschool but…

Are you thinking of homeschooling but are facing some challenges?  Have questions?  Are you scared to become a teacher of your own children?  Did you know that many people fear being a Kindergarten teacher as well as being a parent?

Good news is that you are already a parent and have the advantage of a personal relationship with your children and that by homeschooling you can deal with things like tantrums much easier!

Awhile ago, I wrote a post called, “Why Every Believer Must Homeschool” in which I gave some good reasons why we should be homeschooling our kids, suggestions and resources.

I do understand that there are many challenges to beginning to  homeschool, but I highly encourage you to start.  Everyday there are numerous growing reasons to start.

If your kids are currently in public school, please be sure to follow your states guidelines for removing them from school, then give them time to de-school by just spending time with them for at least a month.  Find out what they like to do and do it.  Go on field trips, read books, play games, do crafts, cook….don’t do school.  Then slowly work school into your day a little bit each week.  Be sure to keep the scriptures first as your guide.

Please know that everyday will not be great.  You may find yourself locked in the bathroom crying (as I have done).  Or wanting to give up.  But you must stay the course for as long as YAHUAH leads you to do so.

I have many people ask me “So how long are you going to homeschool them?”

My reply is “Until they graduate high school.”

Some people allow their kids to go to public school in middle school or high school.  But to us, we will homeschool all the way through from preschool through 12th grade.  So every day I am trying to keep the end in mind and go at a study pace.  Education is not a race.  Nor does it necessarily end.  Our prayer is that the children will be life long learners and that they will learn how educate themselves.

Great Links of the Day:

Yesterday I found this links which greatly helped our 5th grader when she was working on a grammar lapbook:

Helping Verbs Chart


Your Dictionary

 Geography Giveaway:

The Geography Drawing Series is a simple, easy, yet extremely effective geography curriculum that teaches world geography through drawing.  One in the series “Drawing Around the World Europe” is available for free through December 31, 2014!

I received my free book and will be getting the one for the USA soon as possible because one of our daughters loves to draw!

HoY: 31 Days of Homeschooling for Us – Day 6!

Homeschoolers_of_YAHUAHGood morning and Shalom to all the homeschooling believers in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA!


Day 6 – Getting Back to Normal

We are working on getting back into the swing of things, as the Appointed Times of YAHUAH are over!  While I am greatful to get back to some sort of consistancy, I am a little sad to see them go..

The fall Appointed Times for 2014 all fell on within our school week, so it was bit of a challenge to try to keep a normal school pace, prepare, and rest at the same time.  But I tried somethings different this year. 

I let the kids do Appointed Time related projects for the last four weeks!  I created some simple worksheets for the kids which they enjoyed (I’ll post them next year!)  We made tents out of clay and created a little village from all the tents, paper, leaves from the Dollar Store.  We made Yom Teru’ah & Sukkoth posters and flags, we baked and baked.  We played games.  We laughed,  We read the scriptures.  We colored.  We rested. 

We were able to still have the required 4.5 hours of school but only 3 days a week and my grand school plan was pushed aside.

I enjoyed our kids more during this time than I have in a while.  It was very hard for me not complete my daily check list, but it was also a relief at the same time.

Now we have curriculum that does need to be completed and subjects that must be covered, but some how I am going to find more ways to enjoy homeschooling.

One day while we were out grocery shopping, a woman approached me and asked me if we homeschooled.  I replied yes and she said, “Enjoy it goes so fast and know that if He allowed you to homeschool, you are doing the right thing.”

So, if you are homeschooling, I hope today you will find joy in this wonderful time we have with our kids.  It is a privilege and an honor to be able to see every moment with them first hand.  Praise YAHUAH!


Great Links of the Day:

Today’s links come from: 

Spelling City – This is a great resource to use for spelling!

Real Food Made Easy – if you are considering going gluten or grain free this post is very encouraging!

HoY: 31 Days of Homeschooling for Us – Day 5!

Homeschoolers_of_YAHUAHGood morning and Shalom to all the homeschooling believers in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA!

It’s been a few days since I have posted but we are starting again.

Day 5: Drawing a Line

This school year 2014-2015 I thought it would be good to take the younger kids to story time at the library.  So one day we went.  The first two stories were okay but honestly the kids were bored.  Why because we already have circle time which includes story time nearly every day, so this was just with other kids most of the, younger.  Toward the end of the first story I started feeling like I was wasting my time, but still I tried to find something positive in our time.

Then came the third story.  It was about a magic tree.  Within less than probably 15 seconds of hearing the title, I gather the kids and quietly made our exit.  I didn’t care what any one thought.  I didn’t care about the stares.  I did care about one thing:

“Do not learn the ways of the gentiles…” YirmeYahu (Jer) 10:2

At our home we don’t read books about magic, witchcraft, pagan holidays and so forth, so why would I allow the kids to sit and hear a story at the library, just so they can participate in an activity with other kids?  We don’t.  We won’t.

Without explaining anything to the kids, they knew why we left.

“Magic is against YAHUAH,” our five year old said.

“Yes, it is.” I replied.

When we made it home, I looked over a calendar for a program I have been wanting the older kids to participate in.    “Holiday Day Party” and “Halloween decorations” were on the calendar for the next few months, along with activities that were on the Sabbath.  Now we could have allowed the kids to participate the meetings that did not appear to be pagan, however since we would not know exactly what was going to be done, we decided that they did not need to participate in such programs at all.  There is no need to allow the world and all that is against YAHUAH to influence the kids just so that they can “participate” with other kids.

“And you shall guard to do as YAHUAH your Elohim has commanded you – do not turn aside, to the right or the left.” Debarim (Deu) 5:32  and chapter 6 in it’s entirety are awesome reminds of what we are to be doing, especially when it comes to educating our children.  When we have workbooks and curriculum at home, we are able to correct and/change the information.  But in a public setting we do not have the control.  We only retain control by not participating.

This is when we drew the line.  We enjoy visits to the library and eventually hope to find activities they can participate in.  But we will always put YAHUAH’s ways before everything else.

Great Links of the Day:

Today’s links come from:

FreeHomeschoolDeals – Almost everyday I find at least one free resource from this site.

Dr. Mercola – info you need to know about vaccines.

Hodgepodge – we learned about using pastels from this site, plus there are free tutorials!

HoY: 31 Days of Homeschooling for Us – Day 4!

Homeschoolers_of_YAHUAHGood morning and Shalom to all the homeschooling believers in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA!

Today is the Sabbath Day – the Seventh Day Sabbath and you have worked hard all week.  YAHUAH set aside this day for us to rest, so please put aside your worries and rest today.


Great Link of the Day:

Today’s link comes from ColorMeGood.com – which has some great coloring pages for free!