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Nothing More

Nothing More

Long Skirt, Modest shirt and shoes, Headcovered..

Nothing to draw attention to my outward appearance,

Yet my outward righteousness is nothing more than filthy rags.

Stay at home wife & mother, I’ve always wanted to be.

Teach the children, Nurse the babies, Scrub the floor,

Do some laundry, Make bread from scratch, Start dinner at 3…

My homemaking righteousness is nothing more than filthy rags.

 Read my scriptures nearly every day, It is to Yahuah I pray

His commandments I do keep, and His Sabbaths I rest on,

Bu my so called righteousness is nothing more than filthy rags.

 Daily I sin, Even though I do not try.

Sometimes I fuss, and yes I cuss

I don’t always respect my husband, I sometimes yell at our kids,

Sometimes I feel so sad that I don’t want to live.

Recently I’ve seen jealously in my heart and pride too…

Righteous I am not.

Yahusha knows my thoughts,

My short comings, My downfalls

Yet, He still died and now I can live.

I can live in the peace that pass all my understanding.

I can live in the knowledge that Yahuah is there for me-all the time.

I can live knowing Yahusha’s blood-it covers my filthy unrighteous sins.

I am nothing more than dust with Yahuah’s breath making alive.

I am nothing more than a daughter who needs the love of the heavenly Father.

I am nothing more than a woman who sometimes acts like a child.

Even on what I see is my best day, my own righteousness is

Nothing more than filthy rags.

But I praise Yahuah today, and I pray that He will guide my way

To His righteousness and His alone, 

That His love will flow through me,

And His way I will seek.

BY: Yahuah’s Homemaker Copyright 2013 8/29/2013